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SOTC 2023: Divers? We don't need no stinking divers!

Throwing my watch box into the fray. My first ever and last of the year SOTC! TLDR: 9 watches, and only one with a rotating bezel. Way too many fliege...

NWA!! Farer Resolute

I recently joined a tech giant in October after 12 years at a small engineering consulting firm. Did I do the normal thing and celebrate the new job b...

Farer US owners - import duties/taxes?

How much did you guys have to pay for import duty/taxes on your Farer? Farer said in an email that they cover duties but I wanted to get confirmation...

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commented on Tissot and meetings ·

I understand - I meant Sunrise as in the sunrise entrance to Mt Rainier National Park

commented on Tissot and meetings ·

Nice PRX! I don’t have the wrist for the 40mm or I would have had one by now.

I haven’t spent much time in the tri-cities area but I’m very jealous of your proximity to Sunrise.

commented on Shadow + Artem ·

That grey is a perfect pairing!

Im curious if they did a good job on the finishing on your deployant. I bought mine a year ago and it’s super rough and the sides aren’t even/symmetrical - one was more pronounced and the other was ground down enough for it to be partially flush with the inside section of the clasp. Kind of curious if they improved the clasp at all because I thought the clasp finishing doesnt match the price.

Oh and also if it helps - I’ve also got a 16.5cm wrist and I find myself using either the tightest or second tightest hole on the strap. These are on IWCs with a pretty big L2L though.

commented on Where can I buy rubber straps made for smaller wrists? ·

That’s a great question. I don’t have personal experience but I’ve noticed that it seems like the closed snaps don’t perfectly align with each other in the videos (they look just a liiiiittle crooked when they snap closed). Otherwise I love leaf deployants (I have a couple from Artem) and the 20-16mm taper.

commented on Where can I buy rubber straps made for smaller wrists? ·

+1, I’ve struggled with this as well. The Delugs CTS straps are cut to size and fit into a custom deployant but they’re a little too plain looking for me. The curved springbar version is a little better with ribbed sides.

commented on Finally got my Zenith! ·

One of the best (if not the best) skeleton dials out there. Enjoy! I’m considering the little sibling of that watch in 36. Kind of funny how it’s marketed toward women but it’s a perfect fit on my wrist

commented on Need your help🙏 ·

1: you can definitely find a better price on the Mark XX than $350 off MSRP. I got mine (albeit without bracelet) for 15% off.

2: also on team Mark XX, but obviously I’m a bit biased. I do love the green OP, but not enough to plunk down 10k. Honestly, I have a 1K Farer with similar case shape and more interesting dial that scratches that itch. Another dark horse OP alternative is the green version of the Sinn 556. I’ve seen the yellow one go for about $1600 on secondary markets.


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