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My strap for my Hamilton Khaki Bronze

Loving this little watch/strap combo. Picked up this strap from CNS
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Hey guys! super happy to be joining the community, feels like the early days of watch forums in the best possible way! long time watch enthusiast, wat...
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Oris Cervo Volante + watch photography

As the post suggests, combining my love for watches and photography Let me know your comments
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Where do dials rank when you are looking to purchase a watch?

When I am looking to purchase my next watch I have 5 things the watch has to have before I make the purchase. Not in any particular order: Dial Case S...
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The CWC Royal Navy Diver - A Short Introduction

I鈥檇 like to use this post to introduce the latest addition to my (mostly military inspired) watch collection. The CWC Royal Navy Diver (Automatic). Th...
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My HMT Jhalak

HMT ( Hindustan Machining Tools) is an Indian watch company started by the government after establishing freedom from the British. The watch ticked on...
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New member saying hello

Hello everyone, I have just joined this community and would like to say hello to anyone. Collecting watches is my hobby (not primary) and also I enjoy...
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5 Watch collection

When you realise you have the perfect 5 watch collection but it's too late because your too scared to sell anything else.......Who can relate?
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Seiko SRPE61 Two Tone

Just came in the mail today. Sized to my 7鈥 wrist, and I love it so far. I鈥檓 going to be removing the smooth bezel and adding a fluted one instead. I...
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Made In Germany

Fortuna Chronometric
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