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Rocking a Bond NATO for this “photo shoot”

Some days, I just wanna feel a little dangerous 😁

World Turtle Day

I don’t have a Seiko Turtle, but I do have a Seiko mod with a green dial. Hope that counts. Thanks @Yonder !

Moto weather is here in the PNW!

If you’re on two wheels, be safe. If you’re not, keep a look out 👀

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commented on Photography Friday 📸 ·

😆 yep

commented on Photography Friday 📸 ·
commented on About time that I got myself a Rolex Explorer 40mm ·

Hi there and welcome 🙏

commented on The first bash is the deepest. Let's see your despicable dents! ·

I smacked my watch against a metal door handle a while back. I thought for sure that the ding was gonna be much more than it was. I don’t baby it, so I wasn’t necessarily upset about it or anything, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t relieved that it’s as small as it is.

In case y’all don’t see it, it’s a tiny lil dent on the bezel knurling 🫣

commented on Rocking a Bond NATO for this “photo shoot” ·

Thank you!

commented on Hello 👋 ·

Welcome! Pretty great first watch!

commented on New luminox ·

That’s rad. Great pics!

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Watch of the Month

A day late, but here it is. A Seiko mod for this month, is a diver/caller GMT. Parts from Namoki Mods and Tokeilab.

April Watch of the Month

“It was even scarier finding out Gil wears an anklet!” Frasier - S.5, Ep:24

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