Farer US owners - import duties/taxes?

How much did you guys have to pay for import duty/taxes on your Farer? Farer said in an email that they cover duties but I wanted to get confirmation from you guys b/c that seems HIGHLY generous.

I have an order in for a Farer in 36 but juuuust in case it鈥檒l be too small I鈥檓 thinking about also ordering the 39 version as well to have the opportunity to try both on and returning one of 鈥榚m. If tax and duties really add up I would probably risk ordering just the 36.

Appreciate any input you guys have. Thanks!



Farer is great at shipping - I paid $0 for import duties, and $0 for return shipping/duties (the Lomond just didn鈥檛 work for me, unfortunately). I wouldn鈥檛 hesitate to buy from them again, given how easy it was (and hopefully I won鈥檛 return it the next time I buy from them!)

Imported five, never been asked to pay duties so far.

Hot damn, thanks guys. I鈥檝e put in an order for the 39 as well to compare against the 36. I鈥檝e been looking at their resolute for a while and can鈥檛 wait to finally see them in the metal.

Nice! How do you like the resolute in 36?

I have the same wrist size as you (6.5鈥) but am 6鈥1鈥, 195 lbs, and have giant hands so I鈥檓 having a really hard time deciding on the size. Very happy that both sizes are shipping at nearly the same time so I鈥檒l have an opportunity to try both.

Good to know, thanks for the feedback. Feeling a lot better about the opportunity to buy and try out the 39. I was a bit worried about those shallow lugs but the overall design of the Resolute is killer