I Think I'm Winning

My wife has never indicated any interest in watches, so when I sheepishly told her I was buying a new watch, I was shocked at her response, "Good, I bought one too!" I think I've converted her.

She picked out this Citizen Calendrier and when it arrived yesterday she handed it to me and said, "Please set this for me." I thought that would be easy until I realized that this watch has a LOT of complications: time, day, pointer date, month, AND a moon phase! After I got all of the features set, I tried to show them all to her and her response was, "I don't care about all of that, I just thought the moon and the dial were pretty."

That is probably the best reason ever to pick out and buy your first watch!


She's off to a good start. I love that dial.


She's off to a good start. I love that dial.

It is a very pretty watch. She said she got compliments on it today. She was very happy. I'm proud and worried that now she is going to want to buy a gold Rolex Day/Date!


Yay! 鈴憋笍鈴憋笍鈴憋笍鈴憋笍鈴憋笍

Very cool, great option too

Watch is stunning, can't beat a good Citizen. Aargh.

The dial is hypnotic

What. A. Dial. Congrats to her... and you for another successful convert. Doing the Lord's work out here. lmao