Favorite watch complication?

Do you have a favorite?


For me it鈥檚 chronographs


closely followed by gmts


A proper world timer is the best!

Moonphase. Whimsical and pointless. Just like my love of watches in the age of the smartphone.

Time only

Moon phase is my favorite, but I just haven't found the right moon phase yet


Small seconds. The only complication I like.

Chronograph. I have about a dozen and a half with a further half dozen on the wishlist.

Maybe not the craziest of complications per se, but the Elliot Brown Beachmaster's dial/2'o'clock internal bezel/GMT + Mission Timer hand complication is really growing on me.

Not only can you track a second time, but you can either use the internal bezel as a psuedo caller GMT for a third time zone, or keep track of a specific start/finish time.

And the internal bezel can be manipulated anywhere. Don't need to unscrew anything, or worry about water ingress to the case while manipulating it. Plus it makes the coolest clicks lol.

Add to that my preferred bezel insert of countdown vs elapsed, and TBH, it might be the one watch I would choose, if I could only have one watch. Also the NIVO color might be the coolest green variant I've seen. Oscillates between blue, OD, khaki, even black hues depending on light.

Albeit, I'd go with the auto variant if I was only going to have one. But I like watches so quartz it is, 馃槣馃憣馃徎馃馃徎.


Day date


Dual time