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Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
7.00” / 17.78 cm Wrist
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Upcoming baby boy…watch to get and pass on?

Dear fellow watch lovers….my next boy is coming to the world next June. I am planning to get a watch with a 7k $ max budget, to pass on to him one day...

What’s you LESS favorite Dial color?

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Good day

Wish you all, watches enthusiast, a very great day, or night, from the UAE. Hope your 2024 is heading towards the right direction!

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commented on CW Twelve vs Longines Conquest ·

Longines for me

commented on What are you opinions on this Longines? ·

I have tried it on a few times after loving it at first sight (you tube review). It’s bulky. Full stop. If you have a big wrist or like thick beauties, this is for you. Otherwise, as I did, better to pass on..

commented on I caught my wife…. ·

No return point has been achieved….

commented on Questions about the Rolex GMT Master II two tone 🤔 ·

I’d go now to the AD if I were you. Talking to m AD recently here in the UAE, it seems that the two toned options are much more obtainable within a shorter time frame (2/5 months), vs the stainless steel ones. But I wouldn’t wait too long…you never know

commented on My first Cartier ·

Great watch brother! Well done 👍🏻

commented on Monday Blues ·

Well said, and congratulations for the achievement!!

commented on I might be done for a while... (famous last words) ·

You too brother!