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Death of a legend

This isn't related to watches, but I know many of you peeps reading this grew up loving cars, just like me. Not today, but on the 13th of march (thank...


Ever had that one feeling like you're the biggest badass ever and rock out to some sick tunes? Or maby you're feeling fancy and opt for something else...


Hello crunchers! Today I'd like to hear your opinion on Luminox, a swiss brand who's seal models are not issued to animals, but the navy seals! This i...

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commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

Don't get me wrong, but this is a president watch. Am i wrong?

commented on Mr.Santana's WRUW ·

Bulova on rubber, something I've never thought of! Looks sharp

commented on red.john's WRUW ·

Now that's a picture and a half!

commented on nostalgia_log's WRUW ·

Simple, yet elegant

commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

Jeez don't know which one I'd wear. Red one tho.....speaking to me

commented on 🕰️ Calling all watch enthusiasts! 🕰️ ·

Apsolutley, if you treat it well. Like a good old Toyota

commented on Death of a legend ·

Thank you, corrected!

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Heello Crunchers! Your favourite watch blog (not really a blog, but who cares?) is now on YT! This is my first ever little review, of my Seiko 5 SRPD5...

Hairy Wrist Club!

Hello crunchers! Quick update! I'm now part of the hairy wrist club! I sent in this image in of my Hamilton Khaki 38 and I qualified! What do you thin...

Evolution is going the right way

Just sayn', it's looking good so far for nature!

Tritium, will it kill me?

No, but it can hurt me in large ammounts. But that's when in contact with it directly, when in these little ampules, no. Even if they broke, they woul...

A normal Sunday evening.

My Sunday evening consists of a dash of struggle, and a full serving of joy and relaxation. Mind you, I'm not as comfortable as my furry friend here,...

Lorier, any good?

Peek in interest about Lorier. Precisely the Neptune. I've been seeing it a lot the past few months and just recently it has entered my radar. I reall...