Death of a legend

This isn't related to watches, but I know many of you peeps reading this grew up loving cars, just like me. Not today, but on the 13th of march (thanks for the correction @English_archer) we lost a man in his 85th year of life, who made the automotive world and really contributed massively to what it is today. Marcello Gandini, designer of many people's poster/dream/real cars.

Lamborghini Countach, famous 80s wedge driven by Di Caprio.

Lamborghini Miura, declared as one the most beautiful cars ever to grace the tarmac.

Bugatti 110, not so widely known scissor doored italian masterpiece born just before VW's purchase of the company.

Renault 5 turbo, hot hatch killing in the WRC DeTomasso Pantera, could be mistaken for a Ferrari, but a keen eye recognises the Ford 5.8L V8 powered 70s machine.

Many other cars were born from Gandini's mind, driving the roads today. Thanks to him we still enjoy his creations and pair them with our favourite time pieces.

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Here's my Detomaso


Gandini died 3 weeks ago; not today.


Gandini died 3 weeks ago; not today.

Thank you, corrected!