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Macro shots of the 3861 speedmaster

Hi everyone! Purchased a set of macro extension tube for my camera and tried my hand at some macro shots of my speedy. Decent first attempt, have to w...

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commented on Which Omega for my next watch?

Speedy gets my vote! Although I do love my seamaster too lol.

commented on SteveyStevey's WRUW

Thank you 馃

commented on If You Could Only Have A Single Omega Watch... Ep1.

If I can only have one Omega it would definitely be a speedmaster. It would be between the speedy tuesday 1 or the Mitsukoshi.

commented on After much consideration I treated myself to my first proper mechanical watch 鈴憋笍

Congrats! I recently recommended this to a buddy as their first watch and he loved it.

commented on Kalibre's WRUW

Two liner is so clean, congrats!!

commented on Which Omega for a man in their 20s?

I would personally go with the AT, I went with the diver 300 in my early 20s and while I still love the watch and wear it till this day I think the bracelet is too outdated. The AT on the other hand is a great choice for dressing up or down, perfect for a one watch collection IMO.

commented on I am frothing at the mouth

You're lucky that your fedex guy rings the bell. When I was waiting for my black bay 58 to be delivered, fedex guy didn't ring my bell or get my signature (signature required) and left it on my steps. Luckily I was home and was watching out for the package.