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Seaweed 300

Seaweed 300. AR coating shine on grey days make it pop

Green 300 SMP

Building suburban fires with the 300 on. Almost looks black in this light.

All things Omega today

Not a speedy but loving all the Omega talk today. Had to freshly clean the SMP seaweed while taking in all the content #omega

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commented on Green 300 SMP

Sure is. Just got it last week and would recommend. Perfect for small backyard.

commented on Omega rubber strap or whole other watch for same price?

Check with your AD, they sometimes have extra straps laying around and if you purchased there sometime they will just hand you one. I just got a green rubber with buckle claps for free. Posted about it last month.

commented on All things Omega today

Shine on my guy!

commented on SimonB's WRUW
commented on timeHoff0472's WRUW

I don鈥檛 want to like Grand Sieko but they are just so damn beautiful. This and snowflake make me stop and stare every time

commented on soysauz's WRUW

What鈥檚 the quality of WMT?

commented on State of the Union

It was my first real luxury watch and I got it a month before the price increase. Even with the price increase I think I鈥檇 still be a buyer. Good value and price compared to others. I wear it as a daily and it keeps up no problem.

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Who else strategically makes sure there watch is in the shot?? #omega

300 M

New strap has me just totally falling back in love with this piece. Can鈥檛 believe I waited a year to pull trig on it.

Great Friday

Walked into my AD 2 weeks ago inquiring about a rubber strap. Team ordered the strap plus the upgraded clasp and called me 2 weeks later and said No c...

The Duo

Got married in one and purchased the other after a promotion. Life events = new watch

New watch stand

Nice little Amazon pick up for 20 bucks. Perfect way to keep the links like new

State of the Union

Thoughts on the collection? New 300M seaweed in the right light though, just different