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California dial info (how & why)

Just bought my first watch with a California dial. But wanted to know where the name came from. This explaination sounds legit 🧐

The collection now and until 2025❓❔❓❔

Lot of buying and selling, lot of yes and no, lot of maybe or maybe not, lot of diver, flieger or dressy, lot of automatic or quarts and lots of love...

Tudor passion

Passion for the watch that marked the revival of Tudor

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Starchild commented on California dial info (how & why) ·

Jep, hard to get new these day. Almost sold out. But found one online to a very attractive price point. This is the Spinnaker Hull California Chronograph SP-5092-11. First choice was de fumee blue dial but was not to be found.

Starchild commented on California dial info (how & why) ·

A lot of stories about one DAil :-) Excuse my typoos :-). I’m from the Netherlands and writing in a foreign languages is always tricky. I do my best.

Starchild commented on California dial info (how & why) ·

I also think that there are different stories about this Dail. But that somehow it was a showcase dail for what is possible to choose seems logic. Therefor I bought that story. The story about stabilizing the radiation seems more off …. But it is also a good story. So I go with this one as THE explanation for the dail name 😋

Starchild commented on Starchild's WRUW ·

Nice info (theory) about the California sail 🫡

Starchild commented on Starchild's WRUW ·
Starchild commented on The collection now and until 2025❓❔❓❔ ·

Yes that is a futher series 5 classic. Very unique 5. Thanks.

Starchild commented on Starchild's WRUW ·

Perfect summery … it is the SRPG27K1

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IWC AMG experience

On tour with IWC and AMG at their brand experience

Tudor Glamour Double Date ref: 57000

Who has some more information about the Tudor Glamour Double date refnr: 57000. I’m interested in buying this Tudor but can find almost no information...

Warmer then this it will not come this summer in 🇳🇱

My Black Bay catching all the light there is this wet and cold summer in 🇳🇱

Finally dropped the hammer 🔨

Yes I made my decision. Bought a new and unworn Tudor Black Bay Heritage red 41mm 79230R. In other words the second generation BB41. I’m very happy with my choice, I like the thickness of this generat...
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Is a Pagani Design really that waterproof as that they claim. Let’s reality test it 🏊🏼

You buy a Chinese watch. With incredible quality, especially when you consider the price you pay for it. Of course a Rolex is of better quality. But h...

Question - water resistance of Pagani Design watches

I would like to use my Pagani Design 1664 watch (with screwdown Crowns) as my sports and swimming watch in the gym. Who has experience with the water...