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Cars & watches

I'm about to start a new project in GT7. I'm going to build race cars with the theme of watch companies as main sponsors on the livery. I'm looking fo...

Lorus Titanium Field Watch

I popped in to my local jeweller a couple of days ago. It's usually staffed by young women who - with the exception of one - don't seem to know much a...

One watch to rule them all

Hi all. Next year I'm hoping to buy a Seiko. I've wanted a Seiko since the TV ads in the 70's but they've always been too expensive for my budget. In...

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commented on Which way to go

脌 trip to where ? Italy? Yes. Ukraine? Which watch?

commented on Jewelers, am I right?

脌 diesel car, a petrol car and an electric car walk into a pub and the barkeep says "what can I get you cars today?". Simples. 馃槈

commented on 3 is enough

I think it's a Seagull?

commented on Flyback Chronographs

Thanks for the explanation. It sounds cool.

commented on Flyback Chronographs

Flyback? 馃

commented on There is a clear winner here


commented on $176,400. For EJ's Leopard Daytona

Man, that's vile.

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Watch tools

Hi folks. Can anyone point me to a supplier of affordable watch tools? I'd like to buy a spring bar tool and maybe a press(?). I'd also appreciate a r...

My Entire Collection.

Hi folks, I thought I'd share this pic of my watches. From the left: Lorus Titanium Field watch, Casio MW-200(?) and Mondaine Big Date. For me a watch...

Lorus Titanium Field Watch

Hi everyone. I only just found this place but I'm loving it so far. This is my daily driver. I've had it for roughly 22 years and it's never missed a...