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Seiko Vs Orient

I am in the market for a dive watch both of these in used condition comes around same price range, so what鈥檚 the watch family suggest? Which one is a better pick i am leaning a bit towards seiko for d...
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Is it a good 200cad bargain? Seagull 1963

I was in the market for a budget chronograph , i could find a few options around 200cad mark (from Timex, some micro brand, and likes of pagani). Even...

Would you?

Per say if you like a watch which has a multiple colour dial offering and you like one of them but the very next day you see a different dial is avail...

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commented on Seiko Vs Orient

That is right but as someone said in one of the discussions here we dont wear specs we wear for the feel and comfort of it being that said I can鈥檛 differentiate between these two on this point either

commented on Seiko Vs Orient

Thts true seiko has lot qc issues

commented on Seiko Vs Orient

So am i , i have 4dive watches but i dont know how to swim so going to wear it while coding on my laptop, so do you still suggest orient?

commented on Is it a good 200cad bargain? Seagull 1963

Yeah you are right on point it might not be a official made one those are going for more than 500 with slclosed case back this one definitely uses a seagull movement, so may be a not officia but definitely a seagull, do share your watch picture with the strap if poss

commented on Is it a good 200cad bargain? Seagull 1963

With my wife giving me looks while posting about it 馃槀馃槀 the above comment is all i need to get the watch , thank you

commented on Is it a good 200cad bargain? Seagull 1963

Not sure if it is strange but i like noisy watches. i love the ticking sound ifnit is loud. Have you been using it for a while now? How is the accuracy how many seconds per day i can expect?

commented on Would you?

No idea, its not my watch either , i just wanted ask the question

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In a dilemma

I have almost made my mind for a yellow tsuyosa but then when i actually tried it it felt very light for a steel watch, where as prx quartz though its quartz movement it feels better So now i am in a...
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Which orient to choose?

In a dilemma getting both of these in the market place for around same price range which one should i go with? Any specs advantage in v4?
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Are there any recommendations for a diver?

For some reason I never feel a connect towards a diver style watch here are my reasons Watch head is little too chunky Fluted style bezel are not my t...

Just getting started!

Made a lot of mistakes but slowly correcting it!! Any suggestions how to get rid of the OCD to fill empty slots in a watch box!!

Pre-owned watch checklist

What are the things to look for when you are buying a pre-owned watch? I am thinking of buying this one.

Which one you would choose? For a budget around 300cad