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Grand Seiko SBGF021

What an amazing little watch. Does it all well. Yes, itโ€™s 38 mm but wears a bit smaller in my opinion. Maybe itโ€™s the thick brushed bezel. It does wea...

NH35 loosing regulation

Hello all, So I own 2 NH35 watches, this 5KX and a DressKX. The pics are from my last trip with the 5kx. I regulated both to below 3 s a day a few mon...

Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium

Hello all. I am a fan of the brand and have owned 5 Balticโ€™s, all Aquascaphes. The current is a bronze blue gilt. One of them took a huge hit falling...

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commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW ยท

Hereโ€™s the other Baltic

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW ยท

Dial woken up by the sun โ˜€๏ธ

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW ยท

It also can take a beating, no problem. And itโ€™s the only one that do not really show scratches so Iโ€™m not babying so much. Also great support from the brand if needed. Totally recommend

commented on Thoughts on the Baltic Aquascaphe? ยท

Also the customer support has been great the one time I needed them.

commented on Thoughts on the Baltic Aquascaphe? ยท

I had a few. Most bronze. I would take them anywhere. One even fell on the tile floor. Dinged the lug but movement was fine.

I really like this line. I am thinking about the white one for a while.

The beads of rice bracelet is super nice in my opinion.

commented on Demagnetize, lesson learned, good lesson. ยท

I learned a big lesson with my dresskx. Do not leave them on top of your iPad (with the magnetic cover) over night.

Never thought about it until then. I just wanted a soft surface for the watch over night in a hotelโ€ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

commented on coffeewatchestetris's WRUW ยท

Nice strap !