Thoughts on the Baltic Aquascaphe?

Torn on this one, would love some opinions.


It's nice, but the Thorn version is cheaper.

I have the Baltic and it鈥檚 probably my favorite watch. It鈥檚 beautiful and wears great with different straps. For me it feels more expensive than it is and was definitely with the price for me.

Just going by the looks it鈥檚 great, I have no experience with the brand though :-)

I had a few. Most bronze. I would take them anywhere. One even fell on the tile floor. Dinged the lug but movement was fine.

I really like this line. I am thinking about the white one for a while.

The beads of rice bracelet is super nice in my opinion.

Also the customer support has been great the one time I needed them.

I haven't seen one in person and feel like I need to before I buy.

Personally I would go for a Bulava Mil Ships. Similar vibe but a little more history and more interesting IMO.