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Grand Seiko SBGF021

What an amazing little watch. Does it all well. Yes, it’s 38 mm but wears a bit smaller in my opinion. Maybe it’s the thick brushed bezel. It does wea...

NH35 loosing regulation

Hello all, So I own 2 NH35 watches, this 5KX and a DressKX. The pics are from my last trip with the 5kx. I regulated both to below 3 s a day a few mon...

Baltic Aquascaphe Titanium

Hello all. I am a fan of the brand and have owned 5 Baltic’s, all Aquascaphes. The current is a bronze blue gilt. One of them took a huge hit falling...

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commented on Strap > Bracelet ·

Put the dive in an elastic’French parachute’ style. You’re probably also dropping the bracelet on that. I know I did 😂

commented on Raf_Mndz's WRUW ·

Change of outfit to visit some friends

commented on gabon1's WRUW ·

That’s a beautiful watch! Thanks for sharing. I did not know the brand!

commented on This is hard to write ·

Praying for you and your family 🙏

commented on thewatchdad's WRUW ·

I love the strap color. It’s a great match !

commented on Show us the watch you selected for Christmas Day! ·

About Vintage running a Meca quartz Seiko.

So Funny how it’s not a good watch for the price. Not great quality, not great customer support. But it was a 2 year anniversary gift from my Wife. She is not a watch enthusiast, but she got out of her way, researched bought it and had the back case engraved. It is very special for me due to its meaning.

And no, I definitely do not recommend the brand. 🤣

commented on mannyb65's WRUW ·

Merry Christmas! Nice watch! I don’t know why but I’m always attracted to this iteration of the Super Ocean.