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7.09” / 18.00 cm Wrist
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TISSOT Classic Chronograph

I bought this watch 25 years ago, it has a caliber 7750, I only wear this old lady on festive occasions, so not so often 😉

Glashütte Original Sport Evolution

My Glashütte Original Sport Evolution from the year 2000, yes, it is actually as old as my eldest son and looks very good with the new ZULUDIVER Oktop...

IWC Pilots Chronograph 43mm

At the moment my watch with the longest wristtime, I wear it almost every day. What do you think of the IWC Pilots Chrono? Or what do you think of IWC...

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commented on IWC Pilots Chronograph 43mm ·

You are so right!

commented on IWC Mark XX or Omega SM300 diver? ·

I once had a Seamaster 300, did you ever try to turn the bezel, practically impossible, bothered me insanely. I also like the hands much better at the IWC, so from today's point of view clearly the IWC!

commented on Watches in the Wild (Land of the Living, Volume 56) ·

Soooo beautiful

commented on Sarb033 ·

Beautiful 😍

commented on Graduation gift ·

I’m Team IWC!!!

commented on Rolex Datejust Ref. 15238 - Sex Bomb ·

Looks wonderful!!!

commented on New favorite colour combo 🔥 ·

Love the color!

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Grand Seiko SBGM 221 GMT

What do you think about Grand Seiko? I went to a local dealer with a Grand Seiko concession today and put this beautiful GMT on my wrist. I find this...

Jaeger Le Coultre Master Calendar

What do you think about Jaeger Le Coultre? I tried on this beautiful Master Calendar at a dealer and find it fantastic, I'm thinking about it.

Zuludiver NATO Strap

What do you think about this Strap? With such a band, you can give watches a new fresh look. A watch that you have been wearing for many years can sud...

Rolex Sea Dweller 16600

Today the Sea Dweller, my first Rolex frim 1997😉

IWC Pilots Chrono 43mm steel

I bought this watch new in 2023 and wear it almost every day.