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Looking For Advice on a Vintage Seiko

This is a 1960s/70s Seiko 5 Sportsmatic that currently doesn鈥檛 work. While I know it is basically a junker at surface level, this is the watch that my...

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commented on Affordable, One Brand, Three Watch Collections

Honestly it looks amazing! Great choice!

commented on Affordable, One Brand, Three Watch Collections

Did you remove the bezel from that pro diver in the picture, or is that a slightly different model?

commented on Affordable, One Brand, Three Watch Collections

This is a fantastic post with amazing watch choices. Thank you for sharing, and please keep your passion alive鈥攊t鈥檚 inspiring to all of us! 馃晲馃憤

commented on What is your favourite watch brand and why?

Tissot, for me. It鈥檚 a brand with a hell of a lot of horological heritage which seems to, unfortunately, be largely overlooked/undervalued today among enthusiasts because of its stunted and fixed position within the Swatch Group. Nonetheless, I appreciate how Tissot is now known for its continuing innovation, and reputation for providing well-made Swiss pieces at attainable, working-class prices. Long live Tissot!

commented on 鈼 MICRO HOLY TRINITY 鈼

Dare I say, Steeldive? 馃槈

commented on 鈼 LOGO 鈼

I personally love Orient鈥檚 logo. It鈥檚 a classy take on the Orient Express logo.

commented on Christopher Ward's trident

As a Catholic, I鈥檝e never personally connected tridents with Satan and evil (other than the corny Halloween costumes or vintage TV shows). Rather, I鈥檝e always seen it as a nautical symbol associated with Poseidon. However, Bulova鈥檚 Devil Diver, with a WR of 666 feet, is a line I would never personally cross 馃槈馃槀

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The One That Started the Addiction: The Gateway Drug

My first 鈥渞eal watch,鈥 given to me by my parents at graduation nine years ago. This is the Citizen Chrono Time AT. What it lacks in an automatic movem...