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A birthday gift for my father

The older I become, the more I realize that what makes my elderly parents happy is spending quality time with them. My father, who is a watch enthusia...

Sea-Gull Ocean Star China Red Special Edition Review

This is my first ever watch review, so here goes nothing. As a representative brand of Chinese watches, Sea-Gull has been recognized for its fine craf...

Sea-Gull 816.92.6113

4.4 Avg. Score

A rare vintage Chinese mechanical from the 70s

In the 1970s, the Tianjin Watch Factory has transitioned from making DongFeng to Sea-Gull watches. Little known that at the same time, they also made...

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commented on OntWatchGazer's WRUW ·

Thank you!

commented on The thing with water resistance..🤿🚫 ·

I only wear my Garmin Forerunner when I go swimming because I also record my swim stats. None of my other watches ever sees water except rain and when I wash my hands.

commented on OntWatchGazer's WRUW ·

Thanks. I am glad you appreciate classic dress watches also.

commented on Background on the Taihangs marked 军用/military use ·

Do you have photos of both? I'd like to learn more about it.

commented on Excuse Me, WatchFinder? “Entry-Level”? ·

Compared to Elon Musk, everything that I do and I possess is entry level.

Pay no attention to nomenclature and adjectives. If you are happy with what you have, who cares what other people think or say?

commented on Have you ever found a design you considered to be timeless? ·

I am glad that you have found what you are passionate about.

I focus on the beauty of them, but merely from the perspectives that I care about. In the beginning I went with the usual critera, such as prestige, or how well the value keeps, or how people might say about what I wear or collect.

Now, I just do my own thing with the new additions.

commented on Have you ever found a design you considered to be timeless? ·

This is the fun thing about watch collecting. There are no rules. Whatever tickles your fancy and makes you happy is the goal.

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From one generation to the next

About 40 years ago my father gave me this Gucci 3000M watch for my coming of age. Looking back, this could have kick started my love of Swiss watches...

First watch you bought for your better half

It has been 20 years since I bought her this Datejust. It still looks perfect like day one. What is the very first watch you bought for the love of yo...

Vintage Sea-Gull ST5B movement 1970s

Many people know about Sea-Gull because of the ST19 movement and the 1963 Chronograph. Little known that there are many gems they've made over the yea...

Sometimes you've got to go with your gut

Somehow I got an irritating itch when I had an off-brand 1963 Chronograph. So I caved. The Tianjin Seagull Factory Era Edition has scratched the itch...

Vintage WuYi, the grandfather of Sea-Gull

This one is for the VCM folks.  This is a late model WuYi ("Five-One") from the late 1960's produced by the Tianjin Watch Factory.  WuYi is two genera...

First watch from your love

A Tag Heuer Kirium. My love (now wife) gave it to me as a birthday present 25 years ago. They are both beautiful. Then and now. Let everyone show off...