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6.69” / 17.00 cm Wrist
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No longer UFO 😎

I finally replaced the UFO caseback of my SNXS79 with a used 7S26 flat caseback from Ebay. It became thinner and looks better now. I hope it will not...

Last watch of 2023 😃

This is the last watch purchase before 2023 comes to end. I got this as a beater watch, mainly to wear to the gym. But can replace my office watch as...

Winter is coming! ❄️

Winter is almost here and for me it is time to go all leather now 😃 Do you replace your bracelet with a leather strap when it is winter? And vice ver...

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commented on Snobbism against Miyota movements ? ·

I have no complaints about my Orient movements at all. They work like a charm ✨️

commented on Snobbism against Miyota movements ? ·

I have 2 watches with Miyota movements (8000 series), both are very accurate, but very noisy at the same time. I prefer my Orient movements better.

commented on tonistarch's WRUW ·

solid watch!

commented on Muzaffar's WRUW ·

Thanks! Yep, "W" adds beauty to this piece.

commented on Does dial aging/patina bothers you? ·

I can't bear this, unless it was myself who wore that watch for so long that it started showing aging signs. 😅

commented on What is your favourite caseback in your collection ? ·

This one!

commented on West0124's WRUW ·

I had to go through a different choice between this one and Citizen C7 white dial and ended up choosing the Citizen. But I have to admit this is a very beautiful watch.

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SNXS79: The Strap Monster

Just got this 19 mm strap from Aliexpress for the handsome SNXS79 today 😋

Still my favourite!

Orient Bambino was the reason I got into watches. No matter how many watches I buy or try, this still remains my most favourite. I'm simply in love wi...

Any thoughts?

Any thoughts on this aftermarket bracelet on my Orient Bambino? Endlinks doesn't fit perfectly, but I can probably do a bit of bending to force them f...

Orient diver style watches

What are your opinions on entry level diver style watches by Orient? Mako, Ray, Kamasu etc. I like them more than budget offerings by Seiko or Citizen...

Citizen NH8391-51A Review

It is already more than a month that I've received my Amazon package with a beautiful watch inside. And I loved it! Citizen NH83xx or alternatively Ci...

Citizen NH8391-51A

4.4 Avg. Score

New strap for my Timex Waterbury

Just got this stylish leather strap for my Timex Waterbury Automatic. The muted texture and brushed buckle read very well with the brushed case finish...