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When hobbies intersect.

I'm an enthusiast of both watches and sneakers so for me the Titan 22 X G-Shock collab here Manila was a banger of a tie up. I love how they packaged...

Titan 22 x G-Shock

Manila-based basketball concept store Titan 22 and Casio G-Shock collaborated on a special edition DW-5600 that celebrates both brands. They had a coo...

Rolex Wait List is now Rolex Wish List?

My wife and I spent the weekend at a casino resort complex here in Manila, Philippines. While going around I chanced upon a Rolex boutique. I popped i...

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commented on 1st PH WC Meetup

Looks like it was a fun meetup. Will try to join the next one.

commented on How Loud is Your Swatch?

I have the same Peanuts x Swatch watches. These modern Swatches tick quite loud. They are as loud as Timex Weekenders. I had a Swatch back in the late 80s and I don't remember it being as loud.

commented on First Mechanical/Auto help

The Alpinist or the Hammys would be great versatile choices.

commented on I don鈥檛 see anyone commenting on Victorinox watches

I have a Victorinox Maverick Chronograph from 2013. I think Victorinox makes solid watches. In my opinion, they are like Montblanc that they make respectable watches but people associate them for their more iconic products like fountain pens (MB) and Swiss Army Knives (Victorinox).

commented on Which Japanese watch brand do you like the most?

I used to be a Seikoholic. It's Casio G-Shocks for me now.

commented on a post

New or used?

commented on Beyond the Paddling Pool - Part 2: Apples and Oranges!

Spot on!

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Casio F-84W

This bad boy came in today from Japan. I had a similar watch back in the 1980s that my dad bought for me from the Navy Exchange. It's a bit too small...

Casio World Time- Retro Electronics Vibe

This just came in today. I love how the Casio World Time reminds me of an era when the Walkman, Betamax machines and Trinitron TVs were the cutting ed...