Newest member of the family!

Bought this beautiful piece just to celebrate a new beginning to this chapter of my life. Vintage has never looked so futuristic鈥︷煈


Very nice, clean watch. Looks great!

What vintage?

Mine is 1970.


One of my grails.


The skeletons and see-thru's seem to be making a come back!馃槼


Love a spaceview

That鈥檚 cool af, haven鈥檛 seen anything like that before!


Welcome to the tuning fork club!

I just love that watch! There鈥檚 something about it that reminds me of, more than that, induces an intense nostalgia for, my childhood. It looks like the 鈥榝uturistic鈥 watch of the late 鈥60s! It speaks to me.

I've always been on the fence with this. I know I'll succumb one day