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What do you use your diver bezel for?

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One Watch Collection?

Has anyone here done the impossible and boiled their collection down to just one? If so what was it??
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SOTC part 1 - Timex Ironman

Been meaning to do a SOTC for awhile. Pictured is my Timex Ironman collection. From left to right; Ironman Shock from early 2000's This is my eldest w...
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Wow thats a lot of vintage talent! Love seeing that cosmo phase

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I'm a big vintage digital fan.

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Olive drab natoooo

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Ginger & no watch lol

shazerbot commented on Casio w753 ·

Buried treasure

shazerbot commented on Micro Tournament Round 2 Day 2: Formex Vs. Squale ·

Squale 🤌🏻🙏🏻

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Hairy Wrists Club

Lets see the hairy wrists of watchcrunch, maybe we can even get a special profile badge made up for us sasquatch-kin. 😂
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Successful surgery on my Citizen C090

Had to replace the faded LCD with a NOS replacement part. The tricky part was removing the hand set to gain access. Having had a bad experience with r...
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"Full Day" Recommendations?

For a long time I've been really keen on a watch with the full word of the day at the 12. I really like the Hamilton Jazzmaster pictured, but I was ho...
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Nato Strap Choices

Which looks best to you?
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Really neat vintage "color graphics" LCD

Finally got my hands on this one. The Citizen Promaster Windsurfing D060, from the 1980's. I thought for sure it got "lost" in the Italian postal syst...
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