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Underwater Iceberg Welder
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NATO saved my watch

Had a spring bar fail and my NATO did its job and saved the watch. Bottom text


Would you swap your most treasured watch for your most coveted grail?
68 votes

Timex Ironman Reissue

So Timex has gone and re-issued this beast. Really good move, the module is probably their best made, with the best features. The newer ironman watche...

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commented on Which way to go

Im well traveled, Id put it toward a rollie

commented on NWA Seiko Turtle 6309-7049

Cool coin

commented on Squale

Gonna need that lume shot

commented on Casio World-Time Beater

My goto is an old ironman from the mid 90s

commented on Is this Casio Duro too big?

Its just too big. But not too too big if you get me

commented on What percentage of your collection are mechanical watches?

Im very enthusiastic about vintage, gadgety digitals or ana-digi's. Therefore most of my collection is quartz but I do have 4 mechanicals

commented on Bracelet or mesh?!?!

Bracelet for sure

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Marathon General Purpose

Finding myself really drawn to this one. What I'm finding particularly appealing is the Tritium tubes, the sapphire crystal & the unique look and...

My grandfather's watch

Thought I'd share a few photos of my grandfather's Omega. Knowing I'm a watch buff, my father gifted me this Seamaster and some other affects that bel...

What do you use your diver bezel for?

64 votes

One Watch Collection?

Has anyone here done the impossible and boiled their collection down to just one? If so what was it??

Hairy Wrists Club

Lets see the hairy wrists of watchcrunch, maybe we can even get a special profile badge made up for us sasquatch-kin. 馃槀

Successful surgery on my Citizen C090

Had to replace the faded LCD with a NOS replacement part. The tricky part was removing the hand set to gain access. Having had a bad experience with r...