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Normal people trying to get regular photos of the eclipse… Me: “I wonder if I can get a photo of it on my watch!”😂

It’s finally here!

Finally decided to pull the trigger on an Uncle Seiko bracelet for my SNK809! It looks so good in person!

Impulse buy👀

I don’t own a VW, but I love cars, and I love watches, so this seemed like a cool find to me! I found this watch on an online auction, and I put in a...

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commented on JDMnitro34's WRUW ·

I absolutely love the color of it! That was the main reason why I bought it😄

The bracelet is an oem BN015X Citizen bracelet, but I had to buy it separately since the red model didn’t come on a bracelet. I paid almost as much for the bracelet as I did the watch itself, but it was totally worth it!


commented on JDMnitro34's WRUW ·

So very true!

commented on JDMnitro34's WRUW ·

I agree. I was really impressed when I first got it, and it’s still one of my favorite watches that I own!

commented on Favorite G-Shock? ·

The hype is debatable, but I love my G-Shocks! My first “real” watch was a G-Shock, so they have a special place in my heart😊 I currently own 10+ G-Shocks, but my two favorites are my GWM-5610 and my GMW-B5000PB-6 “Tokyo Twilight”.

commented on JDMnitro34's WRUW ·

I agree. I was on the fence about the no-date, but it’s fantastic! It gives it a very clean look

commented on It’s finally here! ·

The joy of being a watch collector😂

commented on It’s finally here! ·

Thank you! It looks so natural on the watch, definitely worth it!