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Hey y’all! Imma go on vacation soon and I was wondering what watches to bring. I was thinking 3 (mainly because my travel watch case has 3 slots). It’...

Unexpected surprise

Just a quick note — I did not know that there was lume on the buckle of my Orca. A nice unexpected touch, I think.

Setting the date

I just noticed that the dates on a lot of my watches are quite off. I really should change them. I guess I don’t regularly use the date function that...

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JAintGotTime commented on JAintGotTime's WRUW ·


JAintGotTime commented on JAintGotTime's WRUW ·

I forget the model number. I really like it cuz it’s a nice dial combo

JAintGotTime commented on TIMEX IS AT IT AGAIN! ·

I like the Swatch art watches more, but I agree that Timex is doing a lot of nice things lately. I like their new dive watches

JAintGotTime commented on Gadgetbeacon's WRUW ·

March 2024??? I can’t wait that long!

JAintGotTime commented on JAintGotTime's WRUW ·

Jeez I really don’t pay attention to the date wheel at all

JAintGotTime commented on Gadgetbeacon's WRUW ·

You got one! I never got the email with the link 😭 I’m super jealous

JAintGotTime commented on JAintGotTime's WRUW ·

It’s got Indiglo too!

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Y’all. I got a new watch box, y’all. I have a problem. Seriously. I can’t stop! NO MORE after I fill this box. I swear!🤣😂🤣

Day Trip!

Doing some shopping today and thought I’d class it up a little by wearing my vintage Gucci 9000m. I laugh that this is vintage now; I got it new 😂

Complicated Complications

I am all about complications! I mentioned before how I love minute repeaters, but are there any watches that have just amazed you with what they can d...

Favorite Complications

Hey y’all! Just wondering what everybody’s favorite complications are. These don’t have to be necessarily ones in yer collections, just ones that you...

Watch Bands, Bracelets, & Straps

Hey y’all! I was just wonder in’ what yer favorite place is to get straps and stuff. These ones I got from CNS, which I really like. Others I’ve tried...