Hey y’all! Imma go on vacation soon and I was wondering what watches to bring. I was thinking 3 (mainly because my travel watch case has 3 slots). It’s not gonna be warm, but not that particularly cold either. Just going to get outta town. Gonna do some wineries, breweries, and general sightseeing. Also bringing the dogs! Maybe take them to a beach. No swimming cuz I’m guessing the water is gonna be like 50 degrees (10 degrees C).

Now y’all can look at my page and see what I got, OR just some general recommendations would be great as well! Hmmmm I wonder if I should keep a slot empty, cuz you never know — might stumble on an AD up there (or a non-AD for that matter!)



Easy peasy




Nice 👌🏻


3 Slots means four watches, assuming you'll be wearing one.

You're welcome!


Casio Royale


I would keep it simple and bring one watch.