What is your opinion?

does it fit? My opinion is that it doesn't 馃槑

Looks 聽ok to me.

It looks odd to me but I can't decide if it's because of聽

A) the dead face

B) the gold where a SS Bracelet should be聽


C) if watch media & advertising has just not yet evolved to present a smart watch as elegance.聽



Size wise it looks fine

With that jacket, a stainless or all-black watch only. 聽The gold tone definitely doesn鈥檛 work.

Depend on the function you are going to attend.聽

If they like it, sure. 聽WGAF what the other people in attendance think...

Yup, warm gold tone isn't really gelling with the cool B&W check.聽

The black holeness of whatever smartwatch actually goes fairly well with the monochromeness of the rest. And I love the two sleeve buttons. So louche, even with a double breasted coat.

I think your opinion is correct - the gold doesn't go, at least not with that suit.

She鈥檚 not gonna care what a bunch of watchcrunchers think after seeing what we have on our wrists in the #WRUW. 馃ぃ

I see smart watches with suits nearly everyday.聽

I don't actively hate on them. I just choose to ignore them.