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Tissot Seastar after 7 decades

One of my former customers who is now in the same long-term care facility as my mom told me he bought this watch in the early ‘50s as a young man. Dia...
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Cheap Chinese Bling

I replaced the battery in a customer’s watch - one of many that she owns, not one of which was working. It’s a world-famous “Vivani” brand 😉 three-han...
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Vintage Baume & Mercier quartz

Belongs to a customer, along with a Cartier quartz, probably from the ‘70s. B&M still has a quartz model called the Hampton that appears to use th...
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AdrianR commented on Watch Crunch Photography Club - Check out the runners up and this weeks theme! ·

Timex hanging out in a hedge.


Timex is for the birds.

AdrianR commented on Introducing myself and the bizarre watches I have. ·

Welcome! Those are some weird watches you have. You’ll find a fair number of Canadians on here.

AdrianR commented on New arrival Titanium Victorianox Inox Swiss Army 😍 ·

Thank you for that information, @PhilMC . That may well be their modern marketing slogan, but as TGV explains at 3:22 of his video, the founder combined his mother’s name, Victoria, with Inox, the widely used term for stainless steel, as he started manufacturing cutlery.

Greetings from the colonies!

AdrianR commented on New arrival Titanium Victorianox Inox Swiss Army 😍 ·

“Inox”, which forms the last part of “Victorinox”, is the European term for stainless steel (inoxidizable, i.e., unrustable). Adding the Inox name to a titanium product doesn’t make a lot of sense, but perhaps there’s something going on here that I’m not aware of.

AdrianR commented on I just can't buy another watch. I'm stuck. ·

Since you already have a Casio, three Invictas, a Cadisen, a Pagani Design and an Addiesdive, it is apparent that you are a value buyer. That’s your happy place. Spending big bucks on a storied name may not bring you any more satisfaction than another Casio, other than showing that you are now in the “big leagues”.

Once the affluent have all the things they want, they start spending their money on experiences. Perhaps wearing your present collection of watches while exploring the world will bring more satisfaction than another watch. At 54, you have a heck of a lot of miles left in you. As suggested above, getting involved in a local charity helping others may bring you more happiness than you expect and provide some purpose in your life.

AdrianR commented on Watches under microscope vol. 1 Longines Conquest ·

For a toy, that is impressive clarity.

AdrianR commented on Going to Geneva for my 40th birthday? ·

Good advice. On a sunny summer day, the drive along the south coast of Lac Leman through Ėvian-les-Bains is spectacular.

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Good news for Canadians

The Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company) is already having a Boxing Day sale. While buying gloves for my wife yesterday (half price!) I noticed that they carry...
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DKNY went all out on this one

My wife’s Apple Watch no longer holds a charge for a full day, so she went to a previous watch, a Donna Karan New York 2-hander. (Who needs seconds?)...
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Trip to Switzerland 2

Made a side trip through Le Locle, considered the “cradle of the Swiss watch industry”. Didn’t have time to visit any of the buildings, unfortunately....
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Trip to Switzerland Part 1

My son-in-law was driving a city bus in the capital, Bern, and someone left this Parmigiani Fleurier on a seat. The owner never came to the lost and f...
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1954 LIFE Magazine

Apparently having an unbreakable mainspring was an important feature to advertise in that era, judging from this and other watch ads in that issue.
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I messed this one up

Found this old Fossil of my son’s in my watch junk, put a new battery in and it worked. Almost illegible due to all the shiny silver hands and markers...
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Old watches I had forgotten about

Going through my old watch junk, I came across two 35mm items from my past. The engraving on the back of the Timex Electric shows it must have been a...
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