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Alien Ripley Double x Mcfly

It finally arrived. No help from DHL. My Alien Ripley wristwatch with double Marty Mcfly Casio CA-53Ws from Kokopelli’s Watch. I’ve been following Kok...
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mortalenema commented on Hey Cruncher, where are you from? ·

I’m from Funkytown. No joke. 

mortalenema commented on Blizzard Watches!? ·
mortalenema commented on From my Funk archives - yae or nay? ·

❤️ If only there was a steel bracelet. 

mortalenema commented on Hodinkee + Leica = ? ·

Going matchy matchy with your watch and camera is kinda like you and your wife wearing matching outfits. 👎🏻😜

mortalenema commented on How many timepieces did you adjust? ·

10 favorite G-Shocks and Seikos, kitchen wall clock, stove, thermostat, bathroom floor heater thermostat, two wall clocks at work, and the two Subarus. 18 total. Probably have eight to ten other quartz and digitalis to catch when I wear them next. 

mortalenema commented on Jubilee bracelet for BB58 ·
mortalenema commented on Omega aqua terra bracelet substitute ·

Not the cheapest, but worth it. I’m not convinced the styles they have available really work style-wise 100% for Omegas, but thats me. I love the ones I have for Seikos.