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Willard Choc bar strap

Hello Crunchers. I have a Steeldive Capt. Willard homage and am looking for a Choc bar rubber strap for it to complete "the look". Do any of you know...

Am I allowed ?

Do the Watch crunch rules allow me to post watches for sale ??

Cestrian Customer Service

Hello all. I recently purchased a Cestrian Dive Series Hulk watch.. which is superb. When it arrived from Amazon, the box was damaged (hinge broken an...

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commented on Bulova lunar pilot vs Large O (Omega in Greek) x swatch (crap watch in Swiss:-)

Bulova all the way, superb for the money. Some say it's too big, but for me it's just right.

commented on Good bye Panda, Hello Certina

Good choice ! I have 2 Certina watches (43mm Action Diver and a Ds Action day date) and they are beautiful.

commented on HOMAGE's WRUW

*lume... Autocorrect!!

commented on HOMAGE's WRUW

Yeah, they do.. I think that there's a lot of so called brands that are under the same umbrella. This is the first Tactical Frog that I've seen in the flesh and so far, I'm impressed. The dimensions are slightly smaller than the real McCoy, but the build quality is excellent and the lime is bonkers !!

commented on HOMAGE's WRUW

Very true. It's really well built and looks the part

commented on HOMAGE's WRUW


commented on HOMAGE's WRUW

*Lume 馃槥

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New arrival today and I'm over the moon ...

Seiko New Year !!

Happy new year to all. Enjoying my Seiko divers is my New Year's resolution...聽

My Samurai

This is an Xmas present from my other half. I have a few Seiko watches (and others) but this one is the absolute nuts !!聽