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Randaberg, Norway
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To wind or not to wind

Do you wind your automatic watches by crown regularly when not in use, or do you let them run down and wind it only when in use? I've tried to educate myself on what's best for maintaining the movemen...
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My guilty pleasure👀

I fell for for the bling, I wanted that shiny thing! I generally do not get watches from brands that have theire focus on anything other than watches....

Seiko Prospex «Great Blue» Turtle Scuba PADI Special Edition or Tissot Seastar 2000?

I am getting a nice diver for the summer. I really love the iconic turtle design, I allso love the elegant look on the seastar. Which one would you go for?🤯
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commented on squarestanley's WRUW ·

Makes me crave pringles for some reason🤩

commented on What's the best lume you ever seen in a watch? ·

I think my seiko 5 has decent lume🔥

commented on Summer 🌞 ·
commented on horolo_fan's WRUW ·

Love it! 10 points for creativity🙌

commented on horolo_fan's WRUW ·

Coool shot🤩 Is it in the washer?😅

commented on SteveR's WRUW ·

Beautiful watch. It holds up quite good🤩

commented on Andreas92's WRUW ·

Vi er heldige med været denne uken, i vårt langstrakte land🌞