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Swiss made automatic watches

Hello crunchers, This Tissot is my first automatic watch and for me one of the best features is putting it close to my hear and listening to the watch...
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Casio G-Shock Authorized Dealer Watch World. These are just a few of the huge selection of G-Shocks we have. Hope you enjoy the video and please check out my channel for more videos!
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An extremely under rated watch that will blow you away. The Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Skyhawk A T Blue Angels Limited Edition Watch. Definitely one of Citizen's highest quality craftsmanship and detail. Citizen makes beautiful time pieces!
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GinoWatch commented on Frederique Constant Runabout ·

Excellent time piece! This Swiss made automatic moon phase is a Banger! Frederique Constant is a well respected watch brand that will always hold it's value and true watch lovers will know you are wearing a classic!!

GinoWatch commented on Serica 8315 GMT Chronomètre ·

Beautiful watch. Very unique dial and bezel design.

GinoWatch commented on The square dress watch rabbit hole ·

Incredible piece. Well done!!

GinoWatch commented on SOTC 2023 + What’s next step? ·

Fantastic collection with variety as well. My Tissot Seastar 1000 Powermatic 80 is my favorite watch. I have it on a steel mesh bracelet with a gradient blue dial. Banger!

GinoWatch commented on Hello, my name is Hector and I am a Casio addict... ·

Casio is King! Can't go wrong with Casio. Your collection is robust and unique! Awesome picks!! Check out my You Tube channel for a lot of Casio videos. Cheers!

GinoWatch commented on Would you buy a $90 GMT? ·

Purchasing this watch will disappoint you. It will inevitably break and you will have to buy another watch. I have purchased 2 sub $200 watches and if they are worth $20 I would be surprised. I would recommend a Seiko GMT. It's around $500, but it looks 10 times more. The jubilee bracelet is superb!

GinoWatch commented on Do you let your wrist dictate your watch size? ·

Love the G-Shocks! Always a winner!

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Casio G-Shocks available at Watch World
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Tissot Bridgeport Chronograph Steel Bracelet Automatic Watch
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Amazing Marine Clock Sinclair Harding H1 Wempe NYC

Hello horology lovers. Wempe NYC has this on display and it's absolutely incredible. It was made in the mid to late 1700's and it is worth $300k. My Y...
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My Watch Collection @GinoWatch

Hello Watch Crunchers, Gino from Wrist Watchers, my You Tube channel for my watches. As an authorized Seiko, Citizen, Bulova, and Casio, the channel a...

Wrist Watchers
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My Favorite Clock

This clock was randomly at a vendors booth in a flea market and I had to have it. I have 2 cats and I never knew I wanted a Cat Clock until I saw this...
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