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How a Christopher Ward led to a Junghans Max Bill...

(overly wordy post alert) I bought four watches this year, much better pacing than last years 1st year newbie roller coaster of great buys and even gr...

Dressy quartz query

For me, a quartz dress watch is very much a tool watch. I can play it on gigs (drums) and not worry about it. However, most of my favorite watches (di...

Some pick of the pics from Windup Watch Fair

Saturday I braved the crowds of folks checking the time on seemingly thousands of watches and saw some beauties. I wasn't able to get close to a coupl...

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Garlando commented on How a Christopher Ward led to a Junghans Max Bill... ·


Garlando commented on First WatchCrunch Post! ·

Great collection and great stories, and the Hamilton looks awesome on wrist!

Garlando commented on Speedmaster Moonphase ·

That is a stunning watch, congrats!

Garlando commented on About to pull the trigger on a new Zenith Pilot, but is it reasonable? ·

If it doesn't hurt financially, and it balances with getting wrist time along with your other watches (as opposed to relegating a watch to a watch box) then go for it!

It seems there are roughly three different camps in watch enthusiasts, at least from what I read here in watch crunch and elsewhere. Those that stick strictly to a small collection of no more than 4-5 watches or less. Those that have 6 to 14 and have a "one in, one out" rule to keep things balanced. And those that collect for collecting sake and don't mind if 20 watches (or more) stay in a box(es) most of the time.

The perils of well made inexpensive watches are real man!

I like to imagine I'll be in the first group someday, lol. But the reality is that I'm in the 2nd group struggling not to be in the 3rd group and having to justify my "hobby" to my partner when we have so much expensive sh%t to do around our house.

Sound like you are in the enviable (to me) first group at the moment. Hope you can stay there lol!

And lastly I love that Zenith, great looking watch that seems like it would do really well with different straps!

Garlando commented on Do you have an "In-House" Watch? ·

My Christopher Ward Sealander bracelet was a revelation for the same reason! Being able to quickly adjust anywhere, anytime throughout the day has been amazing and hard to wear other bracelets now for that reason! To me it's worth coughing up the extra dough re mi to have that flexibility. Dug your explorer vid by the way!

Garlando commented on Garlando's WRUW ·

Seriously! I literally wish he would slow down a little bit sometimes, let the watches breathe a little bit lol

Garlando commented on Garlando's WRUW ·

That's freakin' perfect!

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