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New Clock

I know there are those of you out there who appreciate a good clock. Picked this one up earlier this week on Facebook marketplace. It’s working as of...


Just got myself my first ever Casioak, and my second ever Gshock. I’ll definitely say this one fits, and looks much better on wrist then the last one...

Baby Ben

This might not be a watch, but I figure you lot would enjoy it. Got this baby Ben for Christmas. My grandparents picked it up from a local antique sho...

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commented on Casioak ·

Only reason I mentioned, was (as someone who knows nothing about Casio) it could be some sort of model not sold in their standard line

commented on Casioak ·

For sure. Just keep in mind this one said it was from their “rustic” series

commented on Baby Ben ·

It’s an alarm clock. One that my partner will appreciate too. It’s for a loud or soft alarm option

commented on First G-Shock ·

Thanks, I think I will 😁

commented on First G-Shock ·

For sure, they seem pretty dope so far. I am exited to get my PT strap adapters however. The straps are comfortable, but I do prefer PT’s if possible. This one is certainly a beast. I mainly bought it for the modest price tag, but I actually don’t mind it at all. Regardless of what others think, I don’t mind a oversized watch at all

commented on First G-Shock ·

Fair enough. For the 100$ price tag this was a pretty good starting point. I will say despite the size I do like the legibility of this one. Very easy to read at a glance. And honestly, as large as it is I feel the specs made it seem like it would’ve been larger

commented on First G-Shock ·

Thanks, I’m definitely liking it so far. We’ll see if that continues in the future, but so far so good. I’ve also gone and bought those vario G-Shock adapters. I am a nato guy overall, so I think it’ll make me a bit happier

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First G-Shock

Just got my first G-Shock. Got it for a decent price on Amazon. This one’s definitely on the larger end even by my standards. But I feel even in my 7....

Hunting my next watch. Opinions needed

Hunting my next watch. I’d like some opinions on what people think. Here are my pros and cons list Timex Expedition North: Pros: Screw down crown Sapphire crystal Bead blasted case Cons: Only a date (...
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The chosen was… neither?

My poll a while back got many votes as to what of those watches to purchase. Thank you to everyone who voted. In the end, it seems I have gone down a...

Help choosing

TL;DR timex Waterbury count up inner bezel quartz VS vostok mechanical count down inner bezel mechanical I'm looking into these two watches, and am unsure which to get. The time Waterbury is quartz, w...
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Mesh/ milanese strap recommendations?

As the title says. What do you all Recommend for mesh/ milanese style bracelets? I currently own 3 vostok branded straps, and one seiko. But I’d like...