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Another new video from Grand Seiko Enjoy fellow nerds! Give us a 💯 if you love it.

Grand Seiko

This video was just released today. Enjoy!

Take my money!

So I don't know when Wise posted this. I personally love GMT watches and this one is a true Zulu Time design. I've never seen a diver design scream pi...

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commented on Brands You Won’t Buy From? ·

I have been avoiding Christopher Ward because of the customer service horror stories I've heard but I love there watches.

commented on Searching to find ·

Undone makes the Popeye watches

commented on The Best of Ali Express? The Proxima PX1697 Enamel White ·

Proxima makes awesome watches. That movement the pt5000 is a great movement and can be adjusted to -2 seconds per day.

commented on Best affordable GMT watch? ·

The GMT hand on that Nezumi is rad.

commented on What is your confident water resistance level to jump into the sea, swimming in the pool and enjoy the summer? ·

300m + and not any of my watches that are over $500. Not worth the risk. You're 1 bad gasket away from ruining your timepiece.

commented on Alixpress Strap Haul ·

I love how much a strap can add to the look of a watch. Those look great.

commented on To Mount or Not to Mount ·

I'd put that beauty right on my desk. That's just my opinion.

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Oldie but goodie. Hit or miss?

I dont normally post watch photos but I noticed I see a lot of mixed feelings about Invicta on this app. I just wanted to post a photo of this old Inv...

Omega's New Speedmaster...

How many more people are going to post about the new Omega Speedmaster? I love Omega but c'mon guys and gals. Give it a rest.

New WatchCrunch video out! What's you're favorite watch out of the three? Why? I love the Fleux FLX002. The hands, the bezel and...

Timex Marlin Jet

Has anybody out there had there hands on this yet? If so how do you like it? I'm thinking of pulling the trigger but I'm on the fence. I'm not a fan o...

$3,000 5 Watch Collection

Okay Crunchers let's play a game. You have $5,000 to pick a 5 watch collection. List each watch with price and store/website where it is available. 5...

Wise Guys

Saw these online today. Wise is moving up on my favorites list. Check out the dial on that. I can't believe these are going for less then $800. If any...