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6.20” / 15.75 cm Wrist
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This is my hate to love watch brand, what’s yours?

Yesterday, I was asked by one of my friends who is a watch enthusiast, what is my favourite watch brand in my collection is, and to my surprise (very...

Do you think this lady's watch suits me better?

So here's the story, my parents gave me 15cm or 6'2 inches wrists. So anything I wear will usually look too big on my tiny wrist. However many larger...

Anyone familiar with Nano Clear?

I have seen their ads popping on instagram and TikTok (I don’t TikTok Btw) a lot lately. It promises to remove scratches from your watch and polished...

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Adi365 commented on Home Broken Into, All Watches Gone ·

I am so sorry about the loss, and can't imagine what you and your family are going through. But I am glad you and your family are safe.

Adi365 commented on cyclopseye's WRUW ·

whats the dial size?

Adi365 commented on NiroZed's WRUW ·

amazing piece!

Adi365 commented on drcarter13's WRUW ·

DOXA is my all time favourite dive watch.

Amazing watch!

Adi365 commented on Mark of Character? ·

*first of many 😊

Adi365 commented on Do you guys have watch friends? I can't seem to get any😅 ·

Yes I do, many of my friends are enthusiast

Adi365 commented on What are your thoughts on Richard Mille brand? ·

RM uses cutting-edge materials and pushes boundaries of technological innovation. Their designs may not be for everyone and most people will never be able to afford it. They are too big for my tiny wrist.

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Any love for analog clock?

Apart from watch obsession, I also have a soft spot for analog clock too. Here are my collection of analog clocks, which I’m running out of places to...

Finally the black dial!

After months of waiting, last week my AP boutique called that the black dial Royal Oak, that I always wanted, was ready for pick up which really surpr...

What’s your favourite brand?

Your favourite brand, your #1 brand, just one, The brand you have a soft spot for. Not what you can afford, the brand you love regardless of price. Mi...

The Watchman: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in Switzerland

So I asked ChatGPT to write a story about zombie apocalypse in Switzerland and the main character love to wear watch and will buy all the holy trinity...

Do people notice your watches?

So a few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon at Kirchhofer, in Interlaken, where I often visit during weekend to meet with fellow watch lovers. I was wear...

I am going to get so much hate

Hublot They're simple, overpriced and only stupid rich idiots who want to signal their wealth to their followers buy them. So, yes I know, watch folks...