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Help with racing inspired watches!

Hello, aside from being a watch collector I am a musician. Recently I've been developing a concept album around a grand prix held in 1962 in Puerto Ri...

Just bought this JDM beauty. #seiko

Was looking through the bay when up popped this neat looking king quartz. Researched a bit about it, not much info. But the dial, that is what swept m...

Rolex really is a hommage brand at this point. Shame.

As plainly as can be seen. The most loved/hated watch in watches and wonders is a straight up rip off. Rolex should be ashamed.

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commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

Its actually a weird one, i play bass but im more of a beatmaker like DJ shadow/Alchemist. Its gonna be a themed album using as close to period correct samples i can use, sprinkeled with a bit of audio clips for a bit of story telling and also using sounds made by cars as percussion.

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

Thank you for sharing, i have been binge watching the videos on the channel since! great encyclopedia of knowledge.

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

I wouldn't have been able to find this on my own! this looks sooooooo cool and on point!

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

thank you i will check them both out, much appreciated.

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

what a beautiful tag! i know tehy have some great racing pedigree.

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

thats mind blowing my friend, thank you for taking the time out to show us this great collection! its amazing.

commented on Help with racing inspired watches! ·

wow you really are a racing encyclopedia. Thank you for taking the time to share this info with me. The dan henry is looking like the winning option in all the ways. thank you for sharing the watches the drivers used this is really awesome!

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My first #sotc

As you have read in the title here is my SOTC ✌️Tudor, seiko, Frédérique and omega. That is my rotation. You have looked at it now pick my watch for t...

How do you wear your watch?

Honesty this is straight forward, on the wrist. But I just saw a picture of someone wearing a watch in a chain hanging from the neck👀 how many of you...

I don’t usually color coordinate but hey!

I don’t usually coordinate outfits and watches but this seiko with this aged lime give the dial a playful lime color even when not lit. How could you...

Setting aside the watch for tomorrow.

A nice offering from Casio. Fishing timer. Do I fish? No. Do I like seeing fishes in my watch? Yes. Take that rolex

Strap changes do wonders for a watch.

Had this on a nato and got it ready for tomorrow on the OG bracelet. ✌️isn’t that a beauty? Gotta love the Tudor branding on the bracelet.

What is all this #1wc thing?

I just opened an account! What is this? Seems fun 😂 #1wc