Great little watch

I was repacking my fire pack and found this old beauty. I must have taken the strap off years ago after breaking the spring bars.

I'd bought this during my early fire career and it's funny to think I wore this for so long.

I believe it's 36mm but it honestly looks like a 34mm or 35mm on my 7.5" wrist. The dial is scratched like crazy and the back case is almost unreadable its so worn down.

Such a fun find and I don't know how I've never thought about this watch since it was thrown in my pack.

Crazy to think how little about watches I knew then. I never even knew this was solar.

Does it still operate?

That should polish right up! 馃憤


Does it still operate?

Ticking strong

One of citizens most underrated gems. Glad to see someone else has one

If it still works, maybe try it on a bund strap to give it a little bulk. If you're okay with a smaller watch, maybe just a nice canvas strap.

Its always nice to rediscover a watch