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Funny talking watch.

Found this talking watch with the box at a thrift store. It's a cheap low quality watch but is fun none the less. It has a lady's voice that sounds li...

Urika a forgotten budget japanese brand

I picked up this Urika watch from a thrift store yesterday. Was worn and the crystal was very scratched. After some case cleaning and removing the scr...

Interesting design of parts packets.

I have been collecting these different little envelopes that parts come in for a while now. Most of them are from crystals, two of them are from mains...

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commented on Drowning_in_Digitals's WRUW

All you need now is an IBM WatchPad prototype.

commented on What Movement is This?

Jesus. That's a bit much. Would have been better to use that one for parts and just aquire another better condition movement.

commented on What Movement is This?

What parts does it require?

It's getting much more difficult to acquire parts for watches that age nowadays. Many times need to manufacturer them.

commented on What Movement is This?

Is a Parrenin caliber 87.


Is the same as the caliber 85.

commented on Matthey Doret hybrid electronic watch with Junghans 600 caliber movement

Very cool and what a price you got it at. You don't see the Junghans electronic movement that often.

commented on Stubborn Longines case back!

From the era when Longines wasn't doing very good. Cases were made in Hongkong and other south Asia countries. The tolerances were not very good and the casebacks are too tight. It's a snap back but you need to have a good opener for it. Try one of these.

commented on Chronophobia's WRUW

Thanks. I restored the case some years back. Has acquired some scratches and dings since then but I try to keep it nice.

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Barn/thrift finds

I love nothing more then a good barn find. A watch you find when you're not necessarily looking for a specific watch (I always have my eye out for wat...

Seikos first electronic watch, caliber 31

These are rare Seiko calibre 31 watches from the late 60s. The first electronic watch seiko produced. No date is 31-7000 and is the rarest of the bunc...

Interesting mid 70s Longines electronic

Restored this Longines electronic last year. I seem to be attracted to watches with impossible to source crystals 馃槄. Posted a before and after pictur...

Ricoh riquartz 570 a jem from the 1970s: part 2

Some more Ricoh quartz watches with the 570 caliber movement. The blue dialed and brown (catseye stone) dialed ones are from 1974. The white dial one...

Ricoh riquartz 570, a jem from the 1970s

Well this is my first post. Thought I might just bite the bullet and put something out there. This is a Ricoh quartz caliber 570 from 1974. I actually...