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Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico
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Vacation with Snk807

Went on vacation for new years with mi trusty SEIKO 5 snk807. Today I visited some ruins called Xochicalco. I you are ever in Mexico, pay them a visit...

Merry Christmas 馃巹馃巹馃巹

Merry Christmas to all enjoy this day with your loved ones and enjoy also a fine watch company.

SOTC 2023

I鈥檝e been into watch for a little over 3 years and so far this my humble collection. I believe that watches don鈥檛 need to be expensive. You can find i...

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commented on Vacation with Snk807

Thanks! Well Mexico is a wonderful country, the food here is one of the best in the entire world so no truble in that. The other aspect is a bit more complicated, don鈥檛 want to scare any one but some places,here鈥檚 is best to avoid them specially at night. But tourist area are normally relatively safe.

commented on Testing close-ups #2

@SimonB it actually is my canon rebel XTI camera with a 58mm lens with a macro extension that allowed me to take those pictures, then a edited then on my phone

commented on Testing close-ups #2

Thanks @OldSnafu, yeah 3 years of wearing it definitely has left its mark.

commented on Testing close-ups #2

Thanks @Icarium I鈥檝e been trying to play with light and the reflections to make interesting scenarios.

commented on Testing macro shots #1

Thanks for the comment I actually really appreciate your feedback. The goal is for me to learn how to take a macro shot of a watch so your comment is very important for me. I will take into consideration everything. Cheers and thanks mate. 馃憤馃憤

commented on Borjagro's WRUW

Yeah I feel the same

commented on Orient Mako II blue

That strap is killer on the Mako II, very nice indeed. I agree that it looks like a pilots watch with the large numerals.

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Testing close-ups #2

Testing new shots with my camera. On my Invicta pro-diver

Testing macro shots #1

Recently I鈥檝e started to photograph my own watches, so this is one of the first shots I took. The watch in question is a vintage quartz citizen a boug...

Seiko 5 snk807

Took my seiko 5 snk807 for a hike in a volcano near Mexico City. Ther colours were truly breathtaking.

Orient Mako II blue

Still one of the best looking divers under $200