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Invicta = Disappointment

Have you ever wanted a watch, whether through recommendation, reviews or even photos, which took you a long time to get and when you had it the only t...

Feelings on triple calendar! Show yours!

I think that triple calendars are watches with a lot of nostalgia In the complications theme, I love the vintage ones that have them although I have n...

Show your full lume dial

This is my only full lumen dial my tag that have been with me since 1999! Show your full lumen watch!

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commented on Invicta = Disappointment

I have bought some of those watches and they have not seemed as bad an experience as this Invicta and I have had Pagani, Baltany and Steeldive

commented on Invicta = Disappointment

Yes it is a good looking watch, but in the hand it has a terrible bracelet and the experience even though that is a cheap watch the sense, finishes and all of "the experience" is very disappointing!

commented on Invicta = Disappointment

Exactly just part of the game!!

commented on Mechanical watches for kids

Sistem 51 swatch!

commented on lelewYou's WRUW

Love that arab numbers, i've been trying to find a dial like that to my own collection, but I still don't get it

commented on Tinfoiled14's WRUW

Stunning dial!

commented on ELCHIDO's WRUW

That's a delighfull moon!

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New watch alert

After think a little bit I went to the boutiques to look at watches and I found that the Zodiac is a very "common" watch to look at, I decided not to...

I'm thinking of adding a watch to my collection, which watch would you choose?

I know some are very different, but those 4 are my options.
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Do you still own your when all starts watch?

This Citizen has been with me for 10 years now and was one of the watches where it all started. I think I will never forget how difficult it was for me to find this watch at the right price and it wil...
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Orient king diver!

About 10 years ago in 2013, when I received my first salary, I had no doubt that part of that money would go to a watch, so it was in this Kingdiver f...

Do you have a watch that you consider your guilty pleasure? Let me see it!

Many years ago my father gave me this Tag and for me it was the best, now that I have tried many watches and that I have studied. I know that this Tag is hated by many because they consider it the dow...
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