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90s Video Game Console Watches

Those of you who have been to Japan before may know about capsule machines. They’re little machines into which you put two or three dollars, and out c...

2023 SOTC

Anyone who saw my last (and until now, only) post will know that I only started collecting watches this year. But I think that over the past few month...

First Post — Hello! 👋

I’m currently living in Japan, and until today was in between jobs for a few months. During that time waiting for my new visa to get processed, I real...

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commented on Quirky's WRUW ·

Rosy’s pretty cute!

commented on alexco's WRUW ·

Not crazy. It’s a nice, limited edition piece.

commented on Travel to India? ·

Do not wear it. Never wear luxury watches when you’re traveling. Wear a G-Shock.

commented on Citizen Washi Dial Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendars ·

Would kill for that plain white one.

commented on First watch for a young girl? ·

Baby G!

commented on IWC Mark XX or Omega SM300 diver? ·

I find the IWC boring. But that’s just me. The Omega has lots of style.

commented on Amaru25's WRUW ·

Thank you!! It has quickly become my favorite.