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Pepsi colors?

Ive been wanting to get a Pepsi - but I’d want to wear it in my executive work environment. The question then is - how bright / loud are the colors wh...

Islander diver came in today - really impressive case and dial!

Well, I found a great summer beater! I bought this due to feedback that it’s a surprisingly high quality piece and comes in a lot of fun summer color...

Baltic MR01 came today - gorgeous design!

Saw the design on this and at the price had to have it. Here’s a photo of the back too: You definitely feel the price point in the weight, case constr...

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commented on New Watch Day! ·

Love it! Need a wrist shot

commented on Unfortunate news from Benjamin Chee ·

Omg what a gorgeous piece

commented on SOTC heading into Q3 2023 ·

That Sinn is to die for

commented on Orthopedic surgeon friend wearing this Masterpiece ·

Interestingly you have to worry about this less and less in orthopedics in the next 40 years. I work in healthcare investing so I have some view into this stuff. In general current healthcare system incentivized procedures. The trend is toward value based care in which payment is for an episode of care and however cheaply the provider can do it, they pocket the difference. Over time volume will concentrate in the best providers therefore. Orthopedics is well attuned to VBC due to highly episodic nature of care.

Anyway I wouldn’t worry about this too much in general, doctors generally do what is best for the patient.

commented on Christopher Ward announcement incoming ·

Looks like a Rolex submariner inspired piece

commented on Are you obsessed with Rolex? ·

I think at a high level folks in the hobby sometimes misdirect toward the Rolex brand a frustration resulting from a market phenomena that can’t really be reasonably “blamed” on any one entity.

At a high level Rolex is a really top tier watch brand vs. it’s comparables at retail price, but the brand gets misdirected flak in the hobbyist community due to the success of their marketing, which creates a situation where desirable Rolex models trade at prices at which they are, in many ways, not a good value at all vs. their comparables.

Rolex is a brand with several lines that are more than iconic - almost definitional - as it relates to the modern wristwatch. They make durable and reliable watches. And frankly they have designed some of the best looking watches around in my personal opinion, including the submariner and Pepsi GMT.

They (and others) have been so succesful in marketing their products that their production plan (price / volume) does not “clear the market” - I.e. many people are left saying “I would have given you over retail if you had saved one for me.”

Should a luxury brand in this position simply produce more watches? This is a complex decision. The Rolex company does focus on some measure of shareholder value, but is also a non profit which funnels funds to causes of interest (exact structure not totally clear to me). But through either of these lenses - if their marketing has been so successful that they can easily hit their budget and their forecasts, then why take the risk of diluting or altering their brand identity and perception? I can understand their decision making.

This leads to a situation where ADs sell based on relationship, which I also understand, and the grey market serves to “clear the market” at a more representative price. At this price, many Rolex watches are, through many lenses, not a good value. For example does it really make sense for a Pepsi to trade at $22K when you can get a pre owned Overseas for $30K? Answer is of course no across many lenses of horological comparison, but ultimately prices are what the market will bear. But for people in the know it is frustrating to have to pay up for the beautiful design, when you know you are really sacrificing along other key criteria.

Perhaps when people say “Rolex” they are really referring to these market phenomena, but I do think it valuable to delineate between what is a really excellent watchmaker and what is a much less excellent market situation for folks in the watch hobby.

commented on Orthopedic surgeon friend wearing this Masterpiece ·

How not to spend $100K on a watch

For any other orthopedic surgeons with $100K burning a hole in your wallet:

1. A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus

2. Rose gold vacheron overseas

3. Patek grand complication

4. Moser Streamliner perpetual calendar

5. How long should I expect to have to do PT for my grade 2 pec tear and does that side of your body ever stop feeling all scrunched up?

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