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commented on Tudor Black Bay 54. ·

Bb54! Its funny that now that I've been wearing mine for a good 6 months now, I actually kind of want the rubber strap. Not that the bracelet isn't good, maybe I just want to change it up, especially since Ive worn some of my other watches on bracelets too. Hope you don't have to wait too long. ✌️

commented on Big dilemma ·

I love tudor, but man I really really like the handset on the oris. Something about simple straight hands on a skin diver 👌

commented on Watch purchase decision (speedy FOIS vs SBGY009) ·

I have the fois and I love it. The case, the hands, the applied logo, the side profile - overall it just gives me great vibes. I can dress it up a bit and dress it down, I've found it to be quite versatile.. I also never see them around so they don't seem to be that common. I love Grand Seiko but regrettably I've never owned one (yet). I feel that I never dress up enough or maybe I'm just too casual. So maybe it depends on your lifestyle and where/when you'd want to wear the watch. You in Aus? ✌️

commented on World's best loved beater review! ·

Love this watch. I wish I had gotten the 009 as well. ✌️

commented on Breitling AVI 765 "Co Pilot" 1964 recreation. ·

Can't say I did. Are you referring to the plots in the subdial?

commented on Breitling AVI 765 "Co Pilot" 1964 recreation. ·

That is super clean, very nice. The bezel is also nice and clean. Enjoy ✌️

commented on Watch hands ·

That's a good graphic showing all the types of hands. Is it missing snowflake and cathedral? And would broad arrow fall under arrow?