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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Post your Doxas

Would be nice to get an example of every model and every colour in one thread! This is my 300T Professional, probably the most common but pretty iconi...

Happy Flieger Friday

Rocking my Stowa today. It's been a while

What's your favourite dial finish?

The one I have the most of is matte, but my favourite is lacquer/gloss. Only four poll options so post your alternatives.
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commented on Doxa release sea emerald 39mm ·

The modern 300T is rated for 1200 metres. The normal Sub 200 has clear Doxa DNA but a look of it's own.

commented on Doxa release sea emerald 39mm ·

Not sure Sunray looks right on a diver? Also this looks so much like the 300T?

commented on Humbly submitting my endorsement for the #microtournament ·

I don’t have any of the final 8 but guessed 7 out of 8 correctly on day 1, based on the level of enthusiasm I have read about here, with only Studio Underdog not making it and Kurono Tokyo creeping up on me. Much less certain who will win, my initial though was Lorier

commented on Few dollars more ·

When the chimes end, pick up your gun. Try to shoot me Colonel, just try…..

My favourite on the dollars trilogy, the chimes are the ringtone on my phone. Would love one of these.

commented on Hello Crunchers! 👋🏻 ·

Welcome! Nice pooch!

commented on I'm interested in your opinion ·

Stowa for the (inherited) pedigree. Love Hanhart but they do chronos best.

commented on Post your Doxas ·

It's looking good!

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Hanhart Primus

Don't recall seeing a post on these and got no results searching. This is Hanharts take on a modern chronograph. I like it, particularly this desert p...

There can be only Five

A new law, a strange affliction, sorcery; anyway something means that you can only keep FIVE watches out of your current collection Which 5 are you go...


Seem to be some decent offers on the Goldsmiths sale in the UK. Seiko glacier save the ocean for £600 with the extra discount, Aquamarine Doxa Sub 300...

Can you create sentimental value?

I see a lot of posts where people mark a special occasion by buying themselves a watch, maybe splashing out more than they normally would. I have no i...

Fantasy watch collection

You can choose a six watch collection. Must be one watch only from each of the following brands Seiko Longines Omega Sinn Tudor Micro brand (your choi...

Issues with Zodiac?

As the proud new owner of an Olympos Field, I was concerned to read a post today about frequent issues with their STP movements. So I thought I'd poll Zodiac owners to see their experience. Please pos...