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Rado: Luxury or Fashion watch brand?

Do you consider Rado a luxury watch brand i.e Longines, Hamilton OR a fashion watch brand i.e. Gucci, Armani etc? Rado doesn't seem to get much representation on here or watchuseek so not sure how ser...
152 votes

馃挜馃挮 Does this Rado Golden Horse look like a sports or dress watch or just versatile? 馃く

I'm trying to find a versatile all rounder with a popping dial that can pull off both work and play. Tried this Rado Golden Horse on in the Singapore...

鈿ew Omega Constellation Meteorites! 馃槶 $9300 馃槶

Well the dials look great. I do wish they made a funky colored one or sunburst color of any kind though. 馃槙 Men's lineup is your standard colors of gr...

First Look: The new Omega Constellation 41mm Meteorite Collection


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commented on Captain Cook 42mm in Black (or even the 37mm). Should I?

Captain cook all day

commented on Travel to India?

I would not. Since you haven't been there you cant be sure you won't get mugged or drugged or tricked for you Rolex. People might say they traveled there no probs but I wouldn't do it

commented on How to build a relationship with an Authorized Dealer?

I have no idea. They don't like talking to me and seem to want me out as soon I try on one watch.

commented on 馃挜馃挮 Does this Rado Golden Horse look like a sports or dress watch or just versatile? 馃く

I'm torn between the red and green. The green somehow pops more because of the color contrast the green provided to the red anchor at the top. The red dial and yellow anchor kinda makes me feel like it's the Chinese or USSR flag anchors 馃ぃ especially since it's so retro. Like a cold war USSR watch is the red one 馃ゴ馃槅. Though red and orange are my favorite colors and not green.

commented on apunctualman's WRUW

Hey so I'm thinking to buy this exact watch. Do you feel it's sports, dress, or just versatile? I tried it on initially I thought it was a form of old timey sports but the websites and YouTubers say it's dress. What are your thoughts? Is it something you can wear with casual clothes like jeans or at a pool, resort, restaurant, in a T-shirt or polo or something non-work related?

commented on Which Color for SMP 300M?

First or second. I'd have to see them both in person. But first one I suppose if I had to decide

commented on Which One and Why

If it has to be between those two, I would get the Tudor since I'm not super familiar with Monta. But yes it's a conundrum of paying more for the brand name vs paying less for better quality and finishing but less brand recognition

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SBGJ273 at the Grand Seiko Boutique in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands

Tried on this SBGJ273 at the Marina Bay Sands Grand Seiko Boutique in Singapore today. Cool dial but it's a 39mm, was a bit too small. Picture makes i...

Recommendation Needed - Automatic - Value - Non-Mainstream (Pics for reference)

Trying to break away from the usual players. Any help on a nice dial, good value off the beaten path watch? What are some of your favorites? 馃嵒Must be...

Really like this new Zodiac, but the Zodiac killer..馃樀鈥嶐煉

It's their ZODIAC X WORN & WOUND SUPER SEA WOLF Laser Tag Ultraviolet. It's automatic. Looks fun. But each time I look at it and the logo, it remi...