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6.75” / 17.15 cm Wrist
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Help! Power reserve seems off

So I’ve noticed that if I don’t wear this one for less than a day it stops, but I thought it had up 48 hours of power reserve. It’s still under warran...

Any cool vintage watch shops in LA/San Diego?

Spending the next three days in LA/San Diego and was hoping I’d find some cool watch shops or local vintage spots I should check out. Any recommendati...

Votes don’t lie!

The people spoke so I had to go for the NATO and I’m really glad I did. Great quality and comfortable strap. I’ve been loving the OG bracelet though t...

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commented on Help! Power reserve seems off ·

@jordi.nunez @Johnnyr1970 @Mark_D67 @askinner @DH_NYC @Watch_Dude_410 @rwell48 wound it 70 turns and kept it off wrist. Lasted until tonight at 11:10pm it stopped. 37+ hours total. That’s 10 hours less than expected. That normal?

commented on Do you own a Seamaster? ·

2007 “Casino Royale” SMP my favorite watch.

commented on NWA. Wedding watch 💚 ·

Congratulations and excellent milestone watch man!!

commented on Help! Power reserve seems off ·

Yea, I hear the rotor moving

commented on Help! Power reserve seems off ·

How do I know if it’s fully wound?

commented on What’s your GADA watch? ·

This is the one

commented on Any cool vintage watch shops in LA/San Diego? ·

@88MilesPerHour @remusrm ended up getting an Omega strap for the ‘Casino Royals’ I own and my first Moonswatch (to Jupiter) in LA


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Which strap or bracelet?

Omega Seamaster 2220.80. I like and own the mesh bracelet and OG bracelet, but looking for alternatives. Or comment if I’m missing a potential option
58 votes ·

Have you tried this?

Before I deep dive into a modification, has anyone tried taking the original omega buckle and swapping it with a Staib mesh bracelet buckle? The Staib...

Looking for…

I’m late to the party in true Hispanic fashion, but does anyone have one for sale or know where I can find a copy?

Casino Royale on a mesh (diver extension buckle)

I have no words on how beautiful this looks and how comfortable it feels. Staib mesh for the win. @caktaylor ref. 2220.80

Anyone know what that etching is??

Omega Seamaster 300m 2220.80.00 Not sure what that etching is on the back of my seamaster.