The day I got four new watches

When I asked you which GMD-S5600BA to buy, you (predictably) told me to get all three of them. (I should have seen that coming.) So I did. Oops.

It happens that they all came in the mail on August 5th, the day of our Bay Area meetup at Topper. Now Topper had the SPB313 in stock. I've been lusting after this watch since Seiko dropped it last summer. So I bought one. Oops.


Oops! I share your love for the SPB313. Great choise馃憤

Congrats on your whoopsies!

Congrats!!!!! Looking forward to an unboxing video.


Feeling better about the two new arriving today. Still a little guilty.

Smart and timely shopping. Well done

WhooHooo ! 4 in one day !

That is a record for anyone 馃檪

The SPB313 wears very well, enjoy!

Yay Area Represent!!


Congrats on your quad pick up.

Ummm I鈥檓 not seeing a problem 馃榿

Was there a question鈥re looking for support not to buy from folks on this forum? 馃コ

Congrats Theresa. That's how you get it done. That was cool when you got the Seiko at Toppers. Enjoy all your new watch and wear them all with smiles. Hope to see you again at one of the next meet ups. Cheers!