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NWA: Timex "Railmaster"

On the Timex website it's called the Timex Standard 40mm Fabric Strap Watch . But the dial seems so heavily inspired by the Omega Railmaster '57 that...
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Seiko × Rowing Blazers SRPJ63

Picked up the black dial one for my dad for his birthday. It's so fun!
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Decided to try putting my Baltic Aquascaphe on my Serica Bonklip.

I think the vintage vibe of each really work together. What do you think?
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tesseraic commented on Recomendations for a 40mm or less diver at around $500 ·

The Baltic Aquascaphe for sure. It's such a lovely watch.

tesseraic commented on SF BAY AREA! Y’all missed out!! Meet up photos!! ·

Awesome! Didn’t even hear about this one. Hopefully I’ll catch the next one!

tesseraic commented on New Baltic? ·

I assume it's a non-limited-edition version of the tricompax they put out earlier this year. There was no way that LE was it for them in this space; I figure it's the beginning of a new chrono platform for them.

tesseraic commented on Lady's GMT ·

Put a Glycine Airman 36mm (one with a GMT hand, since she lives in one city and could be flying between two other cities, so she may need to track 3 time zones) on a bright red leather strap from ABP. Speaking as a lady myself, that would be one hell of a look.

tesseraic commented on Which vintage watch would you like to have reissued? ·
tesseraic commented on Cartier Tank Appreciation Post ·

I love my (small model) Tank! I've got it back on a leather strap now, but here's a photo from the summer time when I had it on the bracelet.

tesseraic commented on a post ·

Muhammad Ali wore a small Tank Louis Cartier (the modern one is 29.5 mm × 22.0 mm, 6.8 mm thick), and I doubt anybody's questioning his masculinity. Wear what you like.

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Serica 4512 WMB

Kinda surprised I hadn't yet posted about the most recent addition to my collection. I'm very much still in the honeymoon phase with this piece. I lov...
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Rich text editor: offer some kind of "pro" mode?

I'd love it if I could write Markdown instead of having to fiddle with the rich text editor's UI.
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Rich text editor: can't link to a YouTube video without embedding it

It'd be nice to be able to link to YouTube videos without embedding them in the post.
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Where are the digital microbrands?

Now that microband pieces are taking inspiration from the 70s more often (e.g. integrated-bracelet sports watches, etc.), I can't help but wonder if w...
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the F672 is loud but who cares, the 38mm Bambino looks great

I took it off the brown strap it came on and put it on blue suede that helps bring out the blue hands (though they look black at many angles).
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LE Radio EVA Unit 01 DW-6900

This thing is completely ridiculous and I love it. [ Cross-posted to CoHost.]
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Downsizing / consolidating field watches: Hamilton or Alpinist?

I posted [my SOTC]( the other day. I didn't get into it then, but for a while now I've been contemplating getting...
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