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Where to start

"Gents" and "ladies" are not sizes, they're genders. It's fine (though increasingly passé) to gender your collection, but come on. I'd much rather pul...

My watch collection

Where I document my watch collection. Images of (almost) every watch in it, with notes about what I really like about them.

My watch collection


The day I got four new watches

When I asked you which GMD-S5600BA to buy, you (predictably) told me to get all three of them. (I should have seen that coming.) So I did. Oops. It ha...

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tesseraic commented on Ladies watch recommendations ·

Baltic MR01! :)

tesseraic commented on Integrated bracelet… sans bracelet. ·

I have two integrated bracelet sports watches:

  1. A Citizen Tsuyosa with a yellow dial. Here it is on its bracelet, and I also have an aftermarket leather strap for it. It feels like a totally different watch on the strap, which is quite fun.

  2. A Direnzo DRZ 04 Mondial. Here it is on its bracelet, and here it is on an OEM color-matched rubber strap. I tend to wear it on the bracelet in winter and on the rubber strap in summer.

tesseraic commented on Beaucroft_Watches's WRUW ·

It’s not weird at all! I wrote a whole post about it. https://www.watchcrunch.com/tesseraic/posts/outfit-watch-pairing-roundup-31066

tesseraic commented on What is the best watch collecting advice you’ve heard and still sticks to your mind. ·

Conversely, don't buy what you don't like. Sounds like a silly thing to say but I think we all know people who buy watches because of hype even though they don't particularly care for the look of them.

tesseraic commented on Glycine Airman No.1 Review ·

At some point I'd love to get one of these. It's too bad Glycine's MSRP is over twice what they go for.

tesseraic commented on Sporty Watches for Women? ·

Came here to say this. I have the blue one and love it! It's very well proportioned for my slender wrist.

tesseraic commented on What do you do with early poor choices when building a collection?! ·

Keep things that have sentimental value to you. Sell things that don’t.

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bug report: perfectly valid characters rejected by post editor

see screenshot. the characters in question: 夏のGショック


Earlier this summer, Casio released a trio of summery G-Shock squares for the Japanese domestic market: the GMD-S5600BA series. https://gshock.casio.com/intl/products/women/digital/gmd-s5600ba/ I have...
50 votes ·

Strap storage

How do you store your straps, and do you keep them organized? This is my current system.

NWA: Timex × Cara Barrett

This came in the mail today and it’s pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be. Simple, classic, vintage-y aesthetics and size, at the femme end of...

Do you still wear an homage after getting the real thing?

I got my first Grand Seiko—an SBGM221 —while on a visit to Japan a couple of months ago. I assumed that I would stop wearing my Seestern GS Homage whe...